Kim Will Continue To Expand Diversion Programming

Diversion programs minimize court involvement and unnecessary incarceration, reduce reoffending, keep people free of criminal records and able to work, and direct those in need of treatment to available resources

  • In the past four years, Kim has dramatically expanded diversion programming in St. Louis
  • Kim utilized the expertise of trained social workers, data analysts, and academics to design and implement her programs
  • Kim’s diversion programs do not require participants to jump through meaningless hoops, but rather implement evidence-based interventions that address the factors contributing to criminal activity
  • In her next administration, Kim will continue to add more participants to her misdemeanor and felony redirect programs, as well as expand the services that are offered to participants
  • Kim will also establish a domestic violence diversion program that will target cases where the victim might otherwise refuse to prosecute. By offering diversion as an alternative to jail or prison, Kim will be able to engage the charged individual in interventions that will help keep the victim and community safe in the future.

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