Kim Will Continue To Expand Services For Victims And Survivors Of Crime To Interrupt The Cycle Of Victimization

Preventing violence begins with addressing victims and helping them heal.  Many people who commit violent acts were once victims themselves.  Giving victims the help that they need is not only good for them, it is critical to the community.

In her first term, Kim dramatically expanded victim services.  She:

  • Began offering on-site, short-term, trauma-informed counseling to victims of domestic and/or sexual assault through a partnership with researchers at Washington University School of Social Work and Florida State University
  • Established the first dedicated domestic violence and sexual assault fund, which provides relocation assistance and retail gift cards to victims so they have the resources to escape further harm.
  • Established a program to provide counseling services to victims of sexual and domestic violence immediately after the police refer the case with an in-house Social Worker, eliminating weeks of wait time
  • Placed Victim Services staff inside the Warrant Office to provide immediate support upon the application for charges.

In her second term, Kim will further expand the services provided to victims.  The Office will reach out to victims of crimes when they occur, not only if and when an arrest is made or charges are filed.  Kim’s victim services efforts will seek to identify and help those who were physically injured, children who witnessed the crime, family members who learned about it and feel afraid, and close friends who are also experiencing a loss.  By intervening quickly and showing that she cares, Kim can help heal the harm violence causes and prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Crime victims and witnesses should know that Kim’s priority is their health, safety, and well-being, and that she will not demand or expect anything from them in return.

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