Kim Will Further Reform Probation Practices

In her next administration, Kim will focus on the problems with probation in St. Louis.  Research shows that the mass surveillance of people does not promote public safety.  It does not prevent or detect crime and may, in fact, increase it by interfering with probationers’ abilities to maintain jobs, attend school, and reestablish community ties.

Probation, in its current form, drives rather than reduces imprisonment.  While many think of probation as an alternative to incarceration, in reality, probation terms often result in violations, revocation, and incarceration for what would otherwise be completely legal conduct.

Kim has already enacted policies to limit the overall length of probation terms.  In her next administration, she will continue to address the mass supervision crisis in St. Louis by:

  • reducing the number of people on probation
  • eliminating unnecessary conditions and requirements that do not advance public safety
  • focusing probation terms on a concrete, attainable goal, and
  • offering early termination upon successful completion of conditions

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