Helped Crime Victims

Kim prioritized the needs of crime victims and focused on protecting them, healing their wounds, and giving them a voice during the criminal justice process.

  • Began offering on-site, trauma-informed counseling to victims of domestic and/or sexual assault through a partnership with researchers at Washington University School of Social Work and Florida State University
  • Established the first dedicated domestic violence and sexual assault fund, which provides relocation assistance and Walmart gift cards to victims so they have the resources to escape further harm
  • Provided counseling, inside the Office, to victims of sexual and domestic violence immediately after police refer the case, eliminating weeks of wait time
  • Connected victims to an advocate immediately upon intake, so that victims can stay informed about the criminal justice process, have a means to express concerns and preferences, and begin developing a trusting relationship with a member of the Circuit Attorney staff
  • Launched an outreach campaign during the COVID-19 lockdown for victims of family violence, so that they would know how to seek help from the police and Circuit Attorney if they were trapped at home with an abusive partner or parent