Implemented Evidence-Based Programs That Are Proven To Improve Outcomes And Reduce Crime

Kim focused on programs that research shows are actually effective in reducing crime, promoting healing, and increasing community well-being.  These reforms are substantially different from the policies of the past, which relied on convictions and harsh punishment, regardless of whether they actually made our community safer.  This evidence-based programming not only produces better outcomes than traditional prosecution, it reduces costs to taxpayers.

  • Expanded the range of services offered in both the felony and misdemeanor diversion programs
  • Increased the number of individuals benefiting from alternatives to traditional prosecution
  • Created a new diversion program for persons with drug charges who are at low-risk to reoffend and do not require intensive drug treatment
  • Partnered with researchers and social work professionals to develop and implement a new diversion program for young people, aged 18-25
  • Expanded victim’s services to include counseling sessions designed by and administered by professional trauma specialists
  • Instituted a program in St. Louis City schools to help prevent juvenile delinquency and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline