Increased Fairness And Public Confidence

Kim has taken steps to address the injustices in the system created by racial disparities, economic inequality, and prior police and prosecutorial misconduct.

  • Limited the arrest and detention of people accused of misdemeanors and low-level felonies, so that people who pose no public safety threat would not be arrested or held in custody simply because they don’t have the money to bond out.
  • Analyzed decision making in the Office to ensure that racial bias is not affecting decisions about charging, pretrial release, and sentencing
  • Required all attorneys to participate in training to address implicit bias
  • Created a Conviction Integrity Unit to review claims of innocence and fight to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. Kim is currently fighting in the Supreme Court of Missouri for the release of Lamar Johnson, a man who has spent decades in prison for a crime the overwhelming evidence suggests he didn’t commit, despite opposition from the courts and the Attorney General