Partnered With A Wide Range Of Experts To Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Criminal Justice System

Kim knows that attorneys and police officers cannot revolutionize the functioning of our criminal justice system alone. Therefore, she has partnered with data scientists and treatment experts, relied on criminologists who study the effectiveness of different criminal justice responses, and joined other elected prosecutors to discuss ideas, reform efforts, and strategies to overcome obstacles.

  • Partnered with Vera Institute of Justice to develop data-informed policies and practices to reduce incarceration, promote racial equity, and increase the public’s confidence in the Office
  • Worked with experts from the Washington University School of Social Work and Florida State University to design effective diversion programs
  • Employed trained social workers inside the office to coordinate diversion and victims’ services programs
  • Made changes to charging and sentencing practices that are consistent with research on maximizing public safety
  • Joined with other prosecutors across the country to share insight, ideas, lessons, and resources through organizations such as Fair and Just Prosecution and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence
Kim Gardner