Focused Office Resources on the Most Serious Offenses

Kim made several changes to the Office so that its resources would not be spent on petty offenses, but instead focused on serious, violent, crime

  • Declined prosecution of simple possession of marijuana cases under 100 grams, which were disproportionately brought against people of color and wasted prosecutorial resources
  • Changed intake practices so that cases that cannot be proven at trial or do not provide a compelling public safety reason to pursue are never issued in the first place.
  • Increased diversion opportunities, which not only improved outcomes for accused individuals but also freed up resources so prosecutors could focus on more serious felonies
  • Expanded the Crime Strategies Unit to assist attorneys with the investigation and prosecution of violent felonies
  • Created the domestic violence fatality review board to examine the circumstances surrounding domestic homicides and to develop new strategies to prevent severe intimate partner and child abuse